Weekend smokes

Saturday 20 February 2010:

Bolivar Royal Corona TEB MAY 08 (in humi since 29 May 2009). This was pretty good, reminding me a lot of my first in Barcelona. Rich and complex.

Flor de Cano Selectos EGD CCUT [March 1999] (in humi since 28 July 2009). Typical Milky Way taste. Pleasant enough but nothing exciting. I was standing outside Dominos Pizza smoking this and some youths passed asking about kebabs. They wanted a go on the cigar and the first one managed to put the wrong end in his mouth and burn himself. Highly entertaining.

Sunday 21 February 2010:

Punch Petit Punch EMA NOV 07 (in humi since 7 November 2009). Too tight, leading to a disappointing sour smoke. I did a test draw before and stupidly still lit it up…

Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2 GAS JUN 08 (in humi since 6 October 2009). Characteristic, but still tasting way too young. I think I would do well to leave this box cracked open a little if I want to smoke them any time soon.

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