Weekend smokes

Just a little round-up of the weekend’s smokes.

On Saturday 6 February 2010 I had a Saint Luis Rey Regio from November 2008. Been in the humidor since 10 January 2010. This was quite a punchy little smoke compared to the Serie A. I’m wondering whether it’s the format difference, the age or just as it’s only had a month in my humi. Will revisit in a few more months. Unusual orange note in the later stages.

Sunday 7th February 2010 I tried a Vegas Robaina Famoso (box code LPM ABR 08) that has been in the humi since 20 January 2010, on the off chance that they didn’t need the usual 3 months I give them. It appears they do… That hint of milk chocolate I’ve had previously was noticeable in the background.

Later on that day I had a Romeo y Julieta Dukes 2009 Limited Edition (in humi since 12 November 2009). These have been well received by the majority so I thought I’d try one. Lovely aroma, excellent burn and everything you’d want from a cigar. Unfortunately, not to my taste. I’ve not found a RyJ I’d buy more of yet, so this is no surprise really. For those who do like RyJ, I’d highly recommend them.

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