Where The Wild Things Are

I’d wanted to watch this film for a while as one of the characters (‘Carol’) looks like a cat I know. Strange name for a male character to my mind, but he’s the one on the left of the poster shown on the Wikipedia entry. Being adapted from a children’s book, I thought it was going to be a light-hearted story, but I got quite emotional by the end of it.

Possible spoilers follow…

The film centres around Max who seems to be quite the angry little chap. It appeared to me that his older sister annoys him and his father isn’t around. His mother seems to have a new boyfriend that Max seems envious of, so he tries to throw his weight around to get her attention. This ends up with a bit of a scene where he runs off and ends up sailing to a magical world where these monsters live. They intend to eat him but he manages to persuade them he’s a king, so he becomes their king.

Without spoiling too much more of the story, one of the monsters appears to be upset about one of the other monsters leaving and takes it out on everyone and everything else around him. The others have to pussyfoot around him and this obviously doesn’t fix anything. It seems to be a metaphor for Max’s life i.e. someone he loves leaves him and that he can’t control this upsets him, so he has his tantrums. It did leave me wondering if this was how the original book was, or if this is an interpretation that turns it into a fable to help children understand complicated adult issues like divorce.

It was an odd film. I don’t know whether it’s because I was expecting Carol to be spelt Karel, but it had an Eastern European or Scandinavian feel about it. The music seemed to reinforce this in my head.

I thought this was a bit heavy for a children’s film, and I must admit I was quite upset by it. Not really sure why though…

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  1. Rhiannon says:

    Good depiction of the film, although I feel Bowie would be offended at being referred to as ‘a cat you know’, luckily for you he doesn’t seem to have developed the ability to read just yet 😉

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