How to cut a cigar

A common question about cigar cutting that arises is ‘How much should I cut off?’

The wrapper is wound round the filler and binder in a spiral fashion, and the cap is pasted onto the end to prevent it unravelling. The idea is to leave enough of the cap still on there so the wrapper is still held in place, and stopped from unrolling.

Your cutter should be sharp, and preferably of the double-blade guillotine design. Align the cutter and the cigar correctly and when you  are sure you are in the right place, cut quickly and smoothly.

The blue lines indicate the edge of the cap, the red lines indicate where I would cut.

If you’re looking for a nice cutter, I would wholeheartedly recommend the Palio. A range of colours are available from eBay UK below!

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  1. BASIL SNOOK says:

    I ENJOYED your tasting notes on jose piedra
    i bought some in spain last year just tried one
    good value cuban

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