Chinchalero Picadillo


This is a non-Cuban (NC) cigar of Nicaraguan origin, made by Horizon. I don’t normally go for the NCs as I find them a bit boring, but my current selection of Cubans are either too new or just my usual smokes so I thought I’d investigate something else tonight. I measured out some The Famous Grouse blended malt whisky to go with it. I went for the blend as my previous experience with this cigar wasn’t exactly mind-blowing, so I didn’t want to spoil a good whisky with a bad cigar!

These cigars come in cellophane as I believe the majority of NCs do. I received these from a box split with a UKCF member on 18 August 2009 and they’ve been sitting in my 70% tupperdor since then. Don’t know when they were rolled. I thought they were well worth investigating as you can buy a box of 24 for £68 in the UK, which is remarkably cheap by UK standards. I also like the turquoise band against the wrapper-nice colour combination.


These two pictures so far are not of the cigar I smoked, as it only occured to me after I’d lit it that I should take some pictures for my blog! You get the idea though.

Construction was pretty good. No major veins, and the wrapper was a uniform light chocolate colour with a slightly rough feel to it. Lit easily. I lit it slightly unevenly but this corrected itself quickly, and the burn throughout was very straight with only minor variations that also corrected quickly. Draw was just right for my taste too. So far so very good.








Quite an enjoyable cigar in the end. I’m not sure I can describe any obvious flavours as it was quite a mild-flavoured cigar, and my taste buds are still a little odd after Thursday night… Went fine with The Famous Grouse. The previous one I had had some kind of burnt toast undercurrent, which was almost unpleasant. That was barely present in this one, so hopefully more rest will see this disappear completely. To sum up, nice enough but not ‘an experience’.

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