De Giri Luna Perfecta

Smoked 20 March 2010. Been in humidor since 10 February 2010.

This was received as a taster from a new Indonesian cigar producer, De Giri.

Construction was very good, nice and firm with a well-applied cap.

The tobacco smelt good-not your typical NC, nor like a typical Cuban. Nothing unsurprising there! The pre-light draw was dry and musty, and a little tight. This had been stored in a Humipouch so I’m unsure what the exact humidity level was I’m afraid, so that may have affected the draw.

I actually had a little difficulty getting this lit, but once I did, it burnt evenly with no problems.

Flavourwise, it started out slowly, subtle and sweet, but quite creamy. I recall the middle section reminded me a lot of the Cuban Hoyo flavour, sweet and woody.

Overall, as NCs go this was pretty good. I’d certainly like a few more in my humidor, which is high praise indeed considering my past views on NCs.

Thanks to Ferry for the chance to try it!

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