Georges Reserve

Smoked Tuesday 5th January. I received this from a chap called George who bought them as the name amused him, and was pleasantly surprised when they were not terrible.  I was sent two so will do another review at some point.


Construction seemed good and the pre-light smell was also pleasant enough. A touch of coffee perhaps, stronger at the foot. Cap clipped with my new Cuban Crafters cutter-first time I’ve used it and it worked well, only clipping off a tiny amount. It felt a bit dry when I cut it but this may be unfamiliarity with the new cutter. The NC tub humidity has been slightly low until I topped it up recently so it may also have simply been underhumidified. Draw seemed very loose though it wasn’t a problem once lit, but still looser than my preference.

Not a lot to say about this really. It burnt exceptionally well but there was not a lot of taste until towards the end. Going on this performance I wouldn’t buy any myself. That said, I suspect it was underhumidified so can’t blame the cigar. Thankfully, I have another one to check.


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  1. @ngel says:

    Received one too! Can’t wait to light it’s foot!

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