Golofina vintage cigar

I bought this a while back as part of a vintage cigar sampler. I believe the Golofina is a puro ie. rolled entirely from tobacco from one country; in this case, Jamaica. This particular cigar is believed to be from the 1950s, and has been in my humidor since 17 November 2010.

Golofina vintage cigar

The reason why I decided on this one today (28 July 2011) was because I was doing my occasional check of all my cigars, to see if any are showing signs of storage problems. Unfortunately, there was the slightest touch of blue-green on the cap of this, so I thought I’d whip it out of there quick-sharp and smoke it. I realise everyone must be horrified at the thought of me smoking a mouldy cigar but it really was the slightest touch!

I’ve never smoked anything approaching this old before so I really didn’t know what to expect. That said, it wasn’t Cuban so that just added into the confusion. My opinion of current Non-Cuban cigars is not particularly high, but I don’t believe I’ve smoked a Jamaican cigar either so it was a complete unknown!

It felt surprisingly dry considering it had been stored  as well as I store my others; I can only assume that this is due to the aging process, whereby the oils gradually evaporate over the years. The unlit smell was pretty minimal, just faint tobacco, and it lit easily.

The burn on this was superb, better than most cbd cigarrettes I’ve ever tried, and none of this re-lighting rubbish. Tightness of draw was perfect too. Whether this is down to age or construction I don’t know. The ash even held on for nearly two inches!

The taste was interesting. Quite subtle initially. It reminded me of the Rafael Gonzalez Petit Corona, starting out with a hint of ginger biscuits and moving into marzipan. Once it got that far though, it just seemed to get stronger rather than giving any more taste progression. This is typical of my experience with Non-Cuban cigars, so I highly anticipate smoking the vintage Cuban cigars from the sampler.

Enjoyable, but not amazing. Good for an NC though.

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