Perdomo Lot 23 Toro

20 Jan

OK, so this intrigued me. I’d heard some good reports about this non-Cuban, so I thought I should get round to trying one. Time in humidor unknown as I have three the same from different deliveries, but it should be a month or so minimum.

I think this is the Corojo wrapper but I’m not sure. Out the cellophane, the wrapper smelt ever so slightly of cocoa, and there was the addition of a touch of spice at the foot. After cutting with the Cuban Crafters Perfect Cutter the pre-light flavour was minimal; the draw was good though. It lit easily.

A strange one this. The flavours crept up very gradually. The first inch or so there was almost nothing! Very creamy smoke in the first third, adding a hint of powdery cocoa to the second with some nuttiness sliding into the final third.

The burn was exceptional, and despite experimenting with smoking at different speeds it never overheated. One snag however-when I clipped the top the cap slightly unwound, and this worsened as I smoked. The ash also seemed to hang on forever.

I will say this for it though. It didn’t have that artificial edge that almost every NC I’ve smoked seems to have. Big bonus in my book. I’m wondering if that might be because it is a puro ie. all the tobacco comes from one country (one farm in this case!) That said, I like each cigar to be an ‘event’, and this ain’t it. I’m not quite sure what I mean by that, but I’d probably start by suggesting that I’m looking for depth of taste and complexity, and I didn’t find it in this. It may be a pleasant, mild stick for when you are doing something else or not looking to concentrate on the flavour. I’ve still not found my Cuban equivalent…


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  1. @ngel

    2010/01/20 at 01:34

    Nice review!! Have never tasted one though! Hope to find a single somewhere!

  2. Jdawg

    2010/01/20 at 16:34

    If you are looking for your cuban equivalent, try an Alec Bradley Tempus!

  3. Dave

    2010/01/20 at 17:24

    Cheers Jdawg-I’ll keep my eye out for them.