Saturday 22 May 2010 cigars: Cain and Georges Reserve

It was a lovely sunny day and we were off to the park so I thought I’d take along something I hoped to be a bit special. I’d smoked the last Cuban I had available the night before so I thought I’d go for a Cain Habano wrapper (in humi since 1 December 2009). I received this as part of a Cain sampler pack and I’d not got round to ‘sampling’ one yet. From the reception these had received on various websites I was expecting to be surprised by a Non-Cuban.

Construction was pretty good and the draw was excellent. A rich smell with the pre-light draw tasting of cocoa. No issues with ignition.

Unfortunately, it all went downhill from there! Any pleasant taste seemed to be hidden by the strength and harshness. It burnt well and did improve a little by about the final third but going on the performance of this one, I wouldn’t buy any more. Speaking as someone whose favourite Cuban brand is Bolivar, I don’t think the problem was just the strength either. I will be revisiting in the future however to see if this was just a bad one.

The next cigar however, did surprise me. It was a Georges Reserve, that I have sampled once before. This time I quite enjoyed it! There was actual  flavour in this and the usual accompanying unpleasant NC harshness didn’t manage to disguise the fact. I had this with some Ardbeg 10 year old and it went well.

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