A pipe

After reading the occasional mention on the cigar forum about pipes, I thought I’d get round to trying one again. I’d tried a cheap briar in my early twenties but had trouble with keeping it lit and harsh smoke. This time, armed with some expert information I purchased a Missouri Meerschaum Curved Legend from Light Up Here on eBay and a pack of St. Bruno Flake.

I chose the Flake over the Ready Rubbed on recommendation. Strange stuff to someone not used to it-it’s all pressed together in a rectangle about the size of a stick of gum. I’m not sure I got a whole one but I tried to fold then roll and stuck it in the bowl. It lit reasonably easily¬† and the taste was pretty pleasant, a sweet woody smoke. I was expecting this for a couple of reasons. The wooden shank of the pipe is inserted into the side of the bowl and where it’s not flush it will gradually burn away giving the wood flavour, and the corncob construction of the bowl gives the sweet flavour, which I believe is stronger in a new pipe.

It was an enjoyable experience that left room for improvement. I think I could have packed the tobacco in a little tighter as the airflow seemed to be slipping past the tobacco rather than through it. I definitely need some kind of pipe tool too, probably the so called Czech Tool, as I ended up having to tamp the tobacco down with my finger. I also need some pipe cleaners. My pipe came with a rolled paper Medico filter but I don’t know if I should just reuse this or wait until it looks like it needs replacing before I use a pipe cleaner? If I find some kind of beginner’s guide, I’ll link here.

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