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After my recent trip to Madrid I thought I’d try making a paella. I like cooking and most people seem to enjoy what I cook so it was suggested I put my recipes on my blog. I don’t pretend this is authentic paella but it was easy and tasted pretty good. I had a quick glance over a couple of recipes online then just made it up as I went along.

If there’s any interest in these, I’ll rewrite them properly with an ingredients list, though none of the amounts are particularly accurate.

You can most likely substitute any of these ingredients apart from the rice, but I linked some of the ones I used on mySupermarket. It’s a great site if you do any of your grocery shopping online, as when you register you can import your shopping lists and compare prices between supermarkets!

I started with a large saucepan, heating a generous helping of extra virgin olive oil in it (probably a third of a mugful), until hot and throwing in a pack of sliced chorizo and a couple of rashers of unsmoked back bacon (both sliced into 1 cm strips). I cooked this until it was almost crispy then put in four cloves of garlic (chopped finely) and a couple of sliced onions. Mine were tiny, just bigger than golfballs so you could use just the one if you don’t buy value onions like me. Cook that until the onions are soft.

Then chuck in a sliced cayenne pepper (the medium strength red ones) and about half a bag of paella rice (about 250g). Stir this round for a minute or so so the chilli softens and the rice gets slightly fried. Then add a handful of seafood. I used a half and half mix of cooked shelled prawns and scallops. A quick stir then add in a tablespoon or two of paprika and a glass of dry white wine. I used a tiny bottle of J.P. Chenet Colombard-Chardonnay, though anything would do I imagine. It was just the cheapest we could find in Asda. Let that cook for a few minutes to let the flavours mix, and absorb into the rice a bit, then pour in a pint of chicken stock. I used a Knorr Chicken Cube.

Give it a good stir, turn the heat down and put a lid on it. Leave it simmering until the liquid is absorbed, stirring every five minutes or so so it doesn’t stick. If you get impatient and you’re happy with the texture of the rice, you can take the lid off so the liquid boils away rather than being absorbed further. To serve, shovel onto a plate!

Next time I make this, I would use only half the amount of chorizo, and I’d like to put some clams in too.

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