Daylight SAD bulb

OK so this is not the most exciting thing you’ve ever seen on the internet, but I really want to tell you about it. Nulight sell these daylight-simulation bulbs at a very reasonable price and unusually, they have them all the way up to 65 W, which is as bright as a 325 W incandescent bulb would be. I really struggle with the lack of light in the winter so this is lovely!


As you can see it’s quite a large bulb, but it fits quite happily into my standard ceiling lampshade and illuminates the room brightly. This full spectrum daylight bulb emits 4200 lumens at 250mm, and supposedly the minimum requirement for the treatment of SAD is 2500 lux (difference explained here). All I know is I’ve had one of these bulbs for several years now and it’s really taken the edge off the symptoms. It’s not a cure and I’m not using it close up, but it helps. I do intend to fit one to the wall above my pillow and time it to come on 30 minutes before I need to wake up. Just as an experiment really, similar in principle to Dawn Simulation. If I help one person with this post I’ll be pleased. Buy one from Nulight now.

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3 Responses to Daylight SAD bulb

  1. Simon G says:

    Interesting entry Dave. Always wondered if these daylight simulation bulbs were any good. But, bloody hell, that’s a big boy…


  2. Barbara says:

    Hi, I have just purchased one of these large bulbs. I havent tried it in the ceiling rose yet. Does anyone know of a suitable table lamp stand for it. I found it was a little unstable. Maybe a screw fit would be better. I dont know.

  3. Dave says:

    Any reason why you didn’t try it in the ceiling rose? I found that was easier as it just hung down. It probably is a bit large for a table lamp with a shade. Maybe just one of those bulb holders that screws onto a surface might be best if you want to mount it anywhere other than the ceiling.

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