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Tom Murphy from Total Shaving Solution offered to send me a bottle of their shaving oil to review here. Never being one to turn down free stuff I graciously accepted. Here it is!Total Shaving SolutionNow those of you who’ve seen a couple of my previous posts about razors on here, may recall I shave with a safety razor and brush. I use an Edwin Jagger Medium Best Badger brush, mostly with a Palmolive shave stick. I alternate between two razors depending on my mood and how long my stubble is. When it’s longer I’ll go for the Muhle R41 because it’s open comb; if not I’ll use my Merkur 34C. I only use Feather blades if I can help it, especially with sensitive areas like the face or when attempting the manscaped art of shaving your ball sack. As I’d been putting off shaving for a few days until I had time to take some photos, I had a reasonable length of stubble to shave.

Unshaved faceDue to this, I went with the Muhle with a new Feather blade. The instructions say to ‘Generously wet area to be shaved’. I took this to mean ‘wash’ so rinsed my face with warm/hot water for a few minutes until my facial oils felt no longer present and the hair felt softer. I’ve never used any kind of pre-shave but have quite tough hair so have considered it. The bottle stated three drops so three drops it was. Interesting smell; masculine but subtle. Massaged in thoroughly all over then wetted again before shaving, as per the instructions. It says to keep the area very wet and rinse the razor often, so after EVERY pass I rinsed my razor and splashed water on my face.

Starting with the moustache area it seemed almost as if there was no lubricant. As I got onto the main body of my face though I could definitely tell something was there. Now bearing in mind I’m used to lots of thick slippery lather, this felt distinctly odd. It felt like I was using the razor directly on my face, but not. While nowhere near as lubricating as soap, it lubricated ‘enough’.

After shavingI finished my shave and there was no soreness at all. A bit patchy due to the decreased lubrication but my skin felt really pleasant and moisturised. I’d seen on the Total Shaving Solution website that somebody actually used it as an aftershave balm. I was really tempted to try this.

A few thoughts before I wrap up this first instalment. Three drops may not be enough if you have loads of hair to shave away. I’m considering the possibility that I didn’t manage to get enough into the moustache area, or it might need a minute or so to absorb into the hair to soften it. For this reason, I will be continuing this review with a further shave when I only have a day or two’s stubble, and using the more aggressive Merkur 34C razor.

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