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Bolivar Corona Junior | Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2

12 Jun

Smoked 5 June 2011.

Bolivar Corona Junior (box code TEB JUL 07; in humidor since 14 March 2011)

Lovely smoke. Slightly tighter than I would have liked though. Got a bit richer towards the end much like the Bolivar Royal Corona.

For the first time ever I tried a different technique for clipping this. You use a double guillotine cutter and rotate the cigar against the blades, scoring the cap so the end comes away. I suspect it’s one of those things that needs practice as it didn’t work particularly well for me as I didn’t manage to get the score-line to match up! It ended up with a bit of a spiral effect and the draw seemed a little too tight, so after a couple of puffs I just decided to clip it properly and that seemed to help slightly…

Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2 (box code GAS JUN 08; in humidor since 6 October 2009)

This was almost the opposite of the Boli CJ. I punched this with the smaller of my two punches, so you’d expect the draw to be tight, but this was so loose it actually made it harsh. Which was a real pity as the flavour that got past the harshness was superb. I should have just put this into my jar where I store my 72% Boveda pouches, to see if I could get the tobacco to swell and tighten the draw up. Oh well, you live and learn…


Bolivar Coronas Junior

17 May

Smoked 15 May 2011. Box code TEB JUL 07; in humidor since 14 March 2011.

This was as delightful as the last one. Sitting outside in a pub beer garden at the start of a hard day’s socialising, this was an excellent accompaniment to a pint of Brains Gold beer. I think the wind caused it to overheat slightly as it did get a bit bitter towards the end, but not unpleasantly so. These are a superb replacement for my usual Bolivar Royal Corona, but more ‘beer garden friendly’ ie. less ostentatious in size. Going to be difficult to leave these alone…


Bolivar Coronas Junior

30 Mar

Smoked 19 March 2011. Box code TEB JUL 07; in humi since 14 March 2011.

Thought I’d give one of these a try to establish a baseline. How glad I was that I did!

From the first puff this was classic Bolivar taste; a touch sweeter than the Royal Corona I reckon. Probably took about 40 minutes to smoke but then I try not to rush my cigars. Only a touch longer than the perla size that I’m a fan of so this would make an enjoyable pub smoke I think.

I’m REALLY going to struggle not to get through these at a ridiculous rate. If the second one I smoke is of a similar standard I think it may be worthwhile getting some more in and hope the box code is similar.