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Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo du Depute

27 Sep

Smoked 25 September 2010. Box code OPM OCT 09; in humidor since 3 February 2010.

Smoked very nicely considering it’s not even a year old yet. Still had quite a bite in the nose, and didn’t last long enough that I got too cold outside! Great ‘pub cigar’.


Partagas Chicos

20 Sep

Smoked 17 September 2010. Box code unknown; in humidor since 20 March 2010.

Only a little update this time. I promised myself I’d update this blog with each cigar I smoked hence actually doing the update… I’d like to write more but there’s not much to tell! Smoked a couple of these on a Friday night. I think I was drinking Brains SA Smooth at the time I had these, which went very well with them. I’m not particularly a bitter drinker but I think I might be developing a bit of a taste for it. No particular complexity noted but I do not recall the previous problems of the head unravelling occurring with either.


Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robusto

14 Sep

Smoked 11 September 2010. Box code was GEA OCT 08; in humidor since 23 September 2009.

I smoked this at my brother’s wedding. I took a few other cigars with me but I didn’t really have the opportunity to enjoy anything substantial. There was a reason I chose the Hoyo Petit Robusto. My Uncle used to smoke cigars about six years ago, but as he’d mentioned the word Hamlet in the past, Read the rest of this entry »


Punch Petit Punch

13 Sep

Smoked 8 September 2010. Box code EMA NOV 07; in humi since 7 November 2009.

Punch Petit Punch

These have settled nicely now. It still can’t be smoked too fast but taken nice and slowly I get rich fruit flavours with a touch of Read the rest of this entry »


Rafael Gonzalez Petit Corona

02 Sep

Smoked 30th August 2010. Box code SEM NOV 08; in humi since 28 June 2010.

I’m always bad for this. I tell myself to leave newly received cigars alone for at least three months and I never do. “I’ll just see how they are coming along” I say to myself… Read the rest of this entry »


Partagas Chicos

02 Sep

Two smoked 29 August 2010. No box code available; in humi since 20 March 2010. No pics this time as I think it’s bad form to show pictures that weren’t what I smoked!

I’m starting to find these little machine-made Cuban cigars very enjoyable for the pub. At only 29 RG by 106 mm I believe they are pretty similar Read the rest of this entry »


Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2

31 Aug

Smoked 27 August 2010. Box code GAS JUN 08; in humi since 6 October 2009. With a vodka & coke.

Juan Lopez Seleccion No 2

I do love these Cuban cigars! To my taste they have a Read the rest of this entry »


La Flor de Cano Selecto

31 Aug

Smoked 26 August 2010. Box code EGD CCUT (March 1999); in humi since 28 July 2009.

La Flor De Cano Selecto

I’d gone out for a evening walk by the river with my girlfriend and the Read the rest of this entry »


Saint Luis Rey Serie A-with mould!

23 Aug

Smoked 22 August 2010. From a 2001 box (code unknown I’m afraid) and it had been in my humi since 12 September 2009.

Saint Luis Rey Serie A

I’d been going through my cigars checking their condition when I noticed this Saint Luis Rey Serie A had a touch of fluffy white mould on it [after a comment that it might have been bloom, I realised I didn’t mention that I believed it to be mould as it was localised and it didn’t fluoresce under UV light-I may be wrong though!]. Now, after cigar beetles, Read the rest of this entry »


Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo du Depute

20 Dec

More reviews here. Smoked Saturday 19 December 2009. This was a little tight on the draw after using a punch on it so I clipped the top with my Palio. Unfortunately, I managed to damage the wrapper so I ended up having to keep rotating it in my mouth. Despite this, it still smoked very well, straight burn, excellent taste (consistent with last time).