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Weekend cigars

23 May

I’m starting to not be so far behind with my updates now!

Jose L. Piedra Petit Cazadores: smoked 19 May 2011. Box code AUS MAR 10; in humidor since 30 August 2010. Settling nicely now. Make a great pub smoke as they are cheap so I don’t mind not concentrating on the flavours.

Por Larranaga Petit Coronas: smoked 23 May 2011. Box code EMA OCT 07; in humi since 28 November 2009. Nice and soft but still needed real babying to not get too bitter. I just don’t understand these. I’m going to leave some out of the cabinet to see if it’s an airflow thing.

Saint Luis Rey Regios: smoked 23 May 2011. Box code unknown (possibly 2007 going on how it smoked and where I’ve had them from); rest in humi probably since 31 August 2010 if I’m right. This was actually very nice. Not nice enough for me to want to buy a box, but sorry to see this single go. Citrus (mostly orange) with a touch of chocolate and very smooth. Slight burn problem two-thirds in but then this was very poorly lit with a Bic lighter as I had to jump-start the car before I could set off…


Por Larranaga Petit Corona

22 Mar

Smoked 20 February 2011. Box code EMA OCT 07; in humidor since 28 November 2009.

Smoked this while driving back from a wedding. While some of these are amazing, some of them are bitter and not particularly pleasant. This was one of the latter. I have tried to find a way of picking out which are which, generally believing the softer, slightly looser ones to not be the bitter ones but even that isn’t consistent!

If anyone has any suggestions as to what I’m doing wrong, please comment below.


Cigar Lunch

29 Oct

A cigar lunch was arranged through UK Cigar Forums at Simpsons Restaurant in Birmingham on Saturday 23 October 2010. I’m not unfamiliar with the area so thought I’d sign up as an opportunity to meet some more of the forum members.

Looking at the website for Simpsons it looked a pretty upmarket place, the kind I rarely go to! I was a little apprehensive that I’d feel out of place but the wine helped ease that. The food and service was superb, as you’d hope. I went for the second set lunch menu which consisted of: Read the rest of this entry »


Por Larranaga Petit Corona

15 Dec

More reviews here. Smoked on Saturday 12 December 2009. This was NOT one of my recent delivery; it was just a single I had left so I don’t know the age. I still have yet to discover what the trick is with these. I might put one in my 65% jar to see if that makes it smoke better. The draw was good but the taste still wasn’t there. Perhaps they do actually need several years?


Por Larranaga Petit Corona

09 Dec

More reviews here. This was the first from my cab received a week or so back. Smoked Wednesday 9 December 2009. Basically, I wanted to see if they were ready to smoke when I received them. I picked out one that had a green spot on the cap so I didn’t see it next time I looked in the box!


I was quite surprised by how good the Read the rest of this entry »


Por Larranaga Petit Corona

02 Nov

Reviews here. Unsure of age or how long it’s been in the humidor, but would guess up to six months. Smoked Sunday 1 November 2009.

This either needed more rest or I’m letting them get too dry, as the expected ‘Milky Bar Air’ flavour that I’ve had before was barely noticeable. Disappointing as these are really good!