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Weekend cigars

23 May

I’m starting to not be so far behind with my updates now!

Jose L. Piedra Petit Cazadores: smoked 19 May 2011. Box code AUS MAR 10; in humidor since 30 August 2010. Settling nicely now. Make a great pub smoke as they are cheap so I don’t mind not concentrating on the flavours.

Por Larranaga Petit Coronas: smoked 23 May 2011. Box code EMA OCT 07; in humi since 28 November 2009. Nice and soft but still needed real babying to not get too bitter. I just don’t understand these. I’m going to leave some out of the cabinet to see if it’s an airflow thing.

Saint Luis Rey Regios: smoked 23 May 2011. Box code unknown (possibly 2007 going on how it smoked and where I’ve had them from); rest in humi probably since 31 August 2010 if I’m right. This was actually very nice. Not nice enough for me to want to buy a box, but sorry to see this single go. Citrus (mostly orange) with a touch of chocolate and very smooth. Slight burn problem two-thirds in but then this was very poorly lit with a Bic lighter as I had to jump-start the car before I could set off…


Saint Luis Rey Regio

21 Apr

Smoked 14 April 2011. I’ve had two pairs of these and they got mixed up, so it could have been a NOV 08 in humidor since 10 January 2010 or a 2007 that had been in the humi since 31 August 2010. I apologise for my slack record keeping…

This was an interesting cigar to follow the earlier VR Famoso with as I find the famoso profile to be like creamy mocha, and the SLRs profile of those I’ve smoked to be more ‘chocolate orange’. It went better than expected as SLR aren’t really to my usual taste but I thought I’d try again. Not sure I’d buy any but a change is as good as a rest!