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Weekend cigar round-up

24 Aug

Bit of a catch-up post here as I’ve had quite a mad weekend. Not much detail I’m afraid…

Partagas Serie P No. 2 (box code TEB ABR 08; in humidor since 2 April 2009) on 20 August 2011. I’ve not had one of these for some time and it was pretty enjoyable. Lovely to the touch, perfect draw and the burn was spot on. Flavours weren’t as spectacular as I’ve had from some examples of the P2 but I wasn’t really concentrating on it.

Rafael Gonz├ílez Petit Corona (box code SEM NOV 08; in humidor since 28 June 2010) on 21 August 2011. I’ve found these variable up until now and this was bland and harsh. The expected flavour profile was present but seemed heavily masked. I’m probably just going to try and leave these alone for another year… Let’s see if it actually happens!

Bolivar Belicoso Fino (bought as a single so age unknown; my records seem to claim I’ve had this in my humi since 23 September 2009 though I’m sure I’ve bought another since then) later on the 21 August 2011. This was disappointing, considering how much I normally love all things Bolivar. I was at a barbecue and had had a couple of burgers and a couple of cans of Stella Artois, which probably weren’t the greatest accompaniment! It started out OK but just got too heavy. I suspect I was smoking it a little too fast just so I could go indoors as it was starting to get cold. A pity.


Rafael Gonzalez Petit Corona

03 Apr

Smoked 2 April. Box code SEM NOV 08; in humidor since 28 June 2010.

Apologies for my slackness at keeping my blog updated lately but I’ve had a lot going on AFK. I’m just going to rattle off a few quick notes about the cigars I’ve smoked, just as I promised myself I’d do it for every one I smoked.

This was smoked while walking round the beaches of Barry Island which is where the TV show Gavin & Stacey is set, and bizarrely, also the birthplace of the the current Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.

Well, onto the actual cigar… It’s a while ago now but I do recall that it got a bit harsh towards the end. That’s it I’m afraid!


Rafael Gonzalez Petit Corona

02 Sep

Smoked 30th August 2010. Box code SEM NOV 08; in humi since 28 June 2010.

I’m always bad for this. I tell myself to leave newly received cigars alone for at least three months and I never do. “I’ll just see how they are coming along” I say to myself… Read the rest of this entry »