MD80 camera instructions

Please visit instead which provides more in-depth information on the camera and its uses.

Seeing as I get so much traffic from people looking for the instructions for the MD80 camera (similar to this or this from Maplin in the UK, though I got mine from eBay), I thought I’d scan mine and I’ve posted them below [if you find this useful, please click ‘Like’ on the right hand side of this page]. I’m not sure if this is actually THE MD80 camera, but I believe the only difference is the case material. I thought I’d watermark the images as I actually went to the trouble of scanning them; the copyright of the manual isn’t mine but the image is.


If you’re looking for a bargain priced microSD memory card for it, buy it from MyMemory or 7dayshop. I’ve used both and have been happy with the service.

Here you go:

I’d love to put one of these cameras on a radio-controlled helicopter!


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28 Responses to MD80 camera instructions

  1. John says:

    Hi, here’s your first “thanks” for scanning and posting the instructions to the spy cam. I’ve ordered mine from eBay, and am awaiting it’s delivery. For the price, it seems this camera can’t be beat for the informal shooting I plan to do with this unit. Motorcycling, biking, skiing, etc.

  2. A large dollop of thank you’s for the manual — just received my camera with no instructions and your work is of great assistance.

    I teach forex trading for the past few years, and while i’ve had over 300K views, only a very few leave thank you’s for the years of experience I publish for free, so I fully understand your frustrations.

    Simply the nature of the beast with the internet — people are so used to grabbing information for free that the societal “gratitude factor” appears to be going the way of the Dodo bird.

    Thnx again and understand that a large part of this group “forgetting manners” is simply due to the speed and ease of the technology itself. We may not love it, but at least its understandable.

    enjoy and live well


    • Dave says:

      I wasn’t sure whether you were spam or not [Michael Parker] as you mentioned forex, but you’ve got the benefit of the doubt.

      I have a little play with forex myself so I’ll be sure to check out your site when I get chance. It looks quite good at first glance.

  3. PAU says:

    Here’s the second thanks!!

  4. Tim and Cindy says:

    Many thanks for posting these. It’s good to know someone thinks about others. Got our camera on ebay with no instructions and couldn’t find any other sites with instructions. Cheers

  5. john d says:

    many thanks good work

  6. WeeMee says:

    just got mine and no instructions
    will check out 7dayshop too!!
    thanks again

  7. Malc says:

    Hi there. I have the same manual as shown here, but my camera is not titled md80. Mine is called a DV mini (I think). I was hoping to find info on removing the date/time stamp from the film.

    Very thoughtful of you to help others. On behalf of the ones who forget, I say to you, many thanks. Cheers. Malc.

    • Peter Allan says:

      Is the DV Mini different and looks and performance to the MD80? Someone told me the on/off switch is on the opposite side and performance between the two is quite different?
      One I gather has no date time stamp? Feedback / comments will be appreciated Thanks – Fusion Pete

  8. pte says:


  9. periscope says:

    many thanks, as clear as mud. What language is that btw 😉

  10. Steve says:

    Very many thanks. I received the camera with instructions in Chinese, but happily found the “English” version here. Steve

  11. Alan Waters says:

    Thanks for the instructions, very helpful

  12. Me says:

    Thanks very much. Trying to work out how the VOX function works at work.

  13. David says:

    Here’s the manual and driver for the camera, with other information!

    The camera seems to work well first time as a webcam in Windows 7, but still trying to get it to work properly in Windowx XP

    • John says:

      Hi. I have used a key chain 808 minicam and am using Xvid Video Codec which is working well on Vista and I’m assuming it is working for the MD 80 cam as well. I can run the video on Real Player, Windows media player and on Picasa 3 with no probs. You can also get captures using Picasa. This may be worth trying.

  14. Alex says:

    Thanks a lot for the upload dude, much appreciated 🙂

  15. Russell says:

    Thanks again 🙂 I was left confused…all the accessories under the sun when I got mine…but no instructions, go figure?

  16. tkjtkj says:


  17. Ray Renfro says:

    Thank you for posting the instructions for the MD80 camera. The instructions I received were extremely small and very poorly worded. Thanks again.

  18. Elliott says:

    Thank you!!

  19. F Murtz says:

    You are probably not getting thanks as it is too difficult to read due to watermarks.

  20. BobH says:

    Hi, Thanks for placing the instructions here. Bonus points to you for that. I don’t have one of these yet, but have been comtemplating buying something like this to record our naughty dogs when we go out. That way we can see which of them, or both, is making such a mess of our sofa. Cushions everywhere when we get in and two sheepish dogs. Whadaya do?

  21. Colin R says:

    Many thanks for the instructions and information on the Cam….

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