Ramon Allones Specially Selected

Cigar details here. Box code was TEB ENE 08.

Smoked this on the drive back tonight. I was surprised by this as there appeared to be a hint of pickled onion then of beef crisps in the final third. Not experienced that before.

As these are aging I can see the comparisons with the Bolivar Royal Corona. They are similar but I’m still not sure which I prefer.

I think I should increase my humidity by a couple of points. Currently sitting at 68% rock solid in the coolbox (perhaps lower inside the wooden boxes?) and I’m feeling there to be a loss of ‘richness’ in the smoke. They are also starting out  slightly harsh. Perhaps time to actually put a Trinidad Reyes in the 65% jar for few weeks to see if my thoughts on humidity levels are correct.

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  1. Dave says:

    I’d had a McChicken Sandwich immediately beforehand, which has been suggested as the source of the anomalous flavours. Beef crisps is probably inaccurate; perhaps powdery MSG?

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