The wine glass

Having discovered the enjoyment of merlot in the recent months, this article on the Russian Cigar Clan magazine website caught my attention. My good lady had given me a Glencairn whisky glass for Christmas and that made it plainly obvious how important the choice of glass is.

I recently got chatting with a friend who sold glassware and ceramics to the catering industry in his previous job and I mentioned this article. It turns out he’d visited the Riedel factory in Bavaria and was well versed in the theory behind glass design.

Later on, he gave a remarkable demonstration of the difference. To demonstrate how much scent affects flavour, we were told to pinch our nose closed and given a piece of basil to chew. Without the sense of smell, it just tasted like a leaf, but upon releasing the nose the basil taste floods back, seemingly into the mouth.

We were then given two glasses of red wine each from the same bottle. One champagne flute and one very wide wine glass. From the champagne flute, it tasted acidic and bland. From the wide glass it was much richer and seemed to enhance the good points.

I also discovered Riedel have a glass selection website here, which I will certainly be having a look through in the future.

Give the taste test a go!

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