Unbelievable Saws for sale!

After going camping this summer I experienced difficulty breaking logs into a manageable size for the campfire. I had some success burning through them but this was painfully slow! Upon further research I discovered a most excellent tool-the Unbelievable Saw and I was so impressed with its performance that I felt I had to sell them. Made of high-strength heat-treated steel and coated for rust resistance, the Unbelievable Saw cuts in both directions and is lightweight to carry. It is far superior to the folding hand saws I have used and got annoyed with.

I no longer sell these as you can get them easily from Amazon UK here at a cheaper price than I’ve seen them anywhere else.

I’ve found mine very useful so far, not only when camping but for DIY in the garden and in the house. Here’s a video of the Unbelievable Saw in action in realtime:

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