Tesco Australian Red Wine

This was £3.49 from Tesco.

Tesco Australian Red Wine

Upon opening, the dominant aroma I got was strawberry with that subtly carrying through to the flavour. I also noticed some oak, and there was a very slight drying feel. After it had been open a couple of hours it softened quite a bit with a touch of cherry appearing in the aroma, and what I can only describe as  ‘cream soda’ becoming noticeable to the palate. I thought this was quite a light wine but my girlfriend disagreed!

To my taste, I would say this would make a good party wine if you aren’t too embarrassed to take something labelled ‘Tesco’. It’s a pity there seems to be a stigma attached to supermarket own-brand wines as I’ve found quite a lot to be excellent value. I would be surprised if a large brand like Tesco would be willing to slap their name on any old rubbish. I’ve had good experiences with the Tesco Pinot Grigio in the past, amongst others.

I must admit I was sorry to see this bottle finish. Could probably benefit from using a decanter with one of those aerator things, but not essential. I’ll definitely be picking up another bottle of this!

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  1. m. dempster says:

    lovely ,easy dinking wine by itself.

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