Tesco Claret

I’d had both the Tesco and Asda clarets recommended to me by different people, so I grabbed this £3.79 bottle when I spotted it.

Tesco Claret

Upon opening there was a slight raw grape aroma with a touch of vinegar. Not a promising start but I’ve had bottles that have been much better than I expected from the smell. Taking a sip it seemed nice enough but there was absolutely no depth to it. Not having knowingly drunk claret before, I don’t really know whether this is a typical example or not. The flavour was a bit musty and slightly sour  though not unpleasantly so. It may have been a bad bottle. Often the flavour improves after a bottle of wine has been open for a few hours due to oxidation (I believe), but there was no such improvement in this case either.

One thing I do have to say for it is it had the most beautiful purple colour, that I suspect would heavily stain anything it touched. I get a stained mouth and lips after I drink red wine and it was incredibly bad this time!

Reading up on Wikipedia, it appears claret is regarded as a generic name for any dry dark red Bordeaux, so this could be anything really!

My verdict on this is not to bother.

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1 Response to Tesco Claret

  1. Simon says:

    Shame. (Especially as I think I may be responsible for at least one of the recommendations…)

    It’s by no means a great wine, but I’ve generally found it to be reasonably drinkable if you’re not looking for anything special. Though the new range of Sainsbury’s ‘House’ wines have thrown up a decent Claret (again, not magnificent, but quaffable for £3-something-odd).

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