Tesco Valpolicella

About 4 quid from Tesco I think. I believe it’s this bottle at £4.29 and they’ve changed the label.

Unusually for the red wines I’ve bought off the shelf in the UK, this was clear. Very much like Ribena to look at in the glass, like that I had drunk in the Burgundy region. I am unable to describe the smell due to my inexperience I’m afraid, but it was quite agreeable. To taste, there was very little body and a strong citric sharpness to it. Definitely a fruity rather than vinegary bite.

Despite being partial to reds that I’ve found lighter (Beaujolais, Pinot Noir) I wouldn’t buy this again. Whether that’s because my tastes have changed I don’t know, but I found this quite boring. Forgettable but inoffensive.

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