Yellow Tail Shiraz 2009 – worth the extra?

I recently read an article itemising the current costs that go into an individual bottle of wine in the UK. Duty around £2, VAT and packaging at about a £1, plus transportation costs. No dispute from me there. Because of these costs, it recommended spending at least £5 on a bottle of wine.

All of the wines I’ve reviewed on here so far have been under that level. As an experiment, I thought I’d try a more expensive bottle of wine. In the article, Yellow Tail was recommended as a brand so I bought a bottle of the 2009 shiraz from Asda for £6.48. Hopefully I’m not the victim of marketing here.

Here’s the bottle:

Yellow Tail Shiraz 2009

The wine itself was a beautiful purple colour, the kind that stains your mouth. The smell was an interesting one. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but I think the nearest I can get to describing it is pastry with a touch of prune.

The tastes were more complex than I’m used to. There was raspberry, blackberry, a little prune and even some banana. There was a slight acidity that wasn’t citric. Maybe tartaric or malic acid from my research. There was also a very slight creamy strawberry that I would have expected from my previous experiences with this grape, though nowhere near as pronounced as the Asda Syrah or Tesco Australian Red.

This was an enjoyably soft and smooth wine and my girlfriend reckons it was worth the extra money. Drinking mostly merlot, I think I’m going to have to buy a bottle of the Yellow Tail Merlot to really decide if the difference is worth it. I certainly wouldn’t discourage a purchase of this bottle though!

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